What would I say? Oh, I know exactly what I would say to my ex and it’s not very nice.

If you know me at all you know that I can be grumpy, but in general am pretty easy going and love to be happy. I don’t like conflict and I don’t like to fight. I’d rather know I am right than prove it in a screaming match all night. I would much rather say I’m sorry and cuddle than get into a thumb war for the royal kingdom. I do get angry and I can lash out in little blurbs, but I also get over it quite quickly and would hope all others would too.

What Would D Dennison say in her ‘Dear Ex’ Letter?

So, in a Dear Ex letter, what would I do? Unfortunately my ex won’t talk to me-ever. That’s unfortunate because we share children together. If I were to write him a letter I would tell him how disappointed I am at who he became in the divorce. I would let him know that he is now, to me, who he always said he would never be. I would remind him how fragile the children are and how hard our divorce was on them and how his continued denial for any blame in our parting continues, even seven years later to cause a ripple in the children’s lives. The little people have made amends with you and have a fractured relationship today, which is better, in my opinion,  than none, but the older children will always be missing a link. They do well without you, but from time to time I can see their longing for what they once had. For who you became after the marriage ended, I can never forgive. I know that makes me a weaker person, but I have tried, oh how I have tried to forgive. Some may say that means I still have feelings, I say oh no, you are the only person in my life I wish that I had never met. I love my children and wouldn’t want to give them up as a cost of never meeting you, but wow-given a time machine, I can’t say I would have ever put myself through you again. I know that you are remarried, as I am too-I do hope that you have found what I have found in my James, he is the man I wish I had met long before you. I am glad however, that I did finally get to meet him (James). I wish I could wish you more, but I have nothing more in me for you, I can offer no more and don’t care to ever try to get over not liking you.

So, I guess that is what I would say or something along those lines. Last I knew my ex’s current wife was afraid that I would try to take him away from her-if I could send her a letter I would say not for a GAZILLION-TRILLION dollars, he’s all yours! :)

What Would You Say in your ‘Dear Ex’ Letter?

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