Sara Bareilles hadn't toured without a band before. And for a lead singer, even one who is as accomplished a musician and singer as she, a band can be a safety net.

Any solo performance is much more challenging than one with backing musicians, and at times, Bareilles thought she had made a big mistake in committing to the tour.

She told ABC Radio:

"It's something I was absolutely terrified to do," Sara tells ABC News Radio. "I was completely overwhelmed and crying in my rehearsal rooms, like, 'How am I gonna do this?' And it's the first time I've ever toured without a band, and I felt, like, incapable of making it happen."  But then Sara realized that since her new single at the time was called "Brave," she'd better just suck it up.

If she was that horrified, it certainly doesn't show in the trailer for her new DVD, "Brave Enough: Live at the Variety Playhouse". She smiles, jokes with audience members, and is about as charming and real as one could hope their fav singer would be.

Source - ABC Radio