Last night, I rushed home from my radio shift to pick up my fiance, and we excitedly headed to the Fort Collins Lincoln Center to see "Rock of Ages."  We got to our seats, and watched the show begin.  The first number was incredible: loud, funny, and full of great music.  Then, something interesting happened...

There was so much going on during that first number, I barely noticed the strobe lights that started going off at steady intervals all over the performance hall.  Then the music ended, and we could hear the familiar whine of a fire alarm.  Terrific.

The actors onstage handled the situation like true professionals.  They ad-libbed some jokes and hammed up the awkwardness to keep the audience entertained, until finally the stage manager came over the loudspeakers, and asked everyone to evacuate the building.

As my fiance and I stood outside in the cold, surrounded by fire engines and fellow theater patrons, we wondered if we would even get to see the rest of the show!  Luckily, they let us back into the building awhile later, after the fire department had cleared the building.  Nobody we spoke to was quite sure what set the alarm off in the first place, but it didn't matter.  We got back to our seats, and the show resumed!

Even with the unexpected "intermission," the show was absolutely fantastic.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, since I don't know nearly as much 80's music as some people; but it really was a great show.  It was funny, flashy, and bursting with amazing music.  The cast did justice to every song.  I wish I could see it again.

Tonight (Jan. 10th) is the last night "Rock of Ages" will be in town.  I highly recommend you try to make it to the Lincoln Center to see it.  Be advised, the show contains some adult language and situations, so it might be better to leave the kids at home for this one.  But seriously, SEE THIS SHOW TONIGHT!  You won't regret it!