I've had the opportunity to perform at the Rialto Theater in Loveland many times over the past years. It is one of my favorite venues in Northern Colorado.

I've opened for Firefall, Karla Bonoff, Tom Rush and worked with the Loveland Chorale, Song Planet Saves the Planet and The Good Morning Guys Habajeeba show along with many other events.

The Rialto seats around 450 and it's acoustics are amazing. As a performer, you couldn't ask for a better place to connect with an audience.

Construction workers are pouring the terrazzo flooring this week in the foyer of the Rialto Theater Center as part of the Rialto expansion.

The workers bent and shaped metal chutes last week.

On Monday, crew members started by mixing a wet epoxy binder, rock chips and colored glass together to fill the "paint-by-number" designated areas with greens and oranges.

By the end of this week, nine terrazzo colors will reproduce the original Rialto Theater sign with ovals of spotlights flashing across it.

The spotlights continue the theme that Denver artist David Griggs conceptualized for the art in the Rialto Theater Center. Griggs was chosen last spring to design the artistic touches for the Rialto Bridge

Check out the video below.

Below is one of my performances LIVE at The Rialto of my original song "Blue Eyed Friend".