A reporter from the Fort Collins Coloradoan got stuck in an elevator at the Larimer County Courthouse yesterday, so he tweeted himself out. Robert Allen used Twitter to inform the public that he was trapped in the elevator.

Here are Allen's tweets from inside the stuck elevator:

@robertallenCO: I'm stuck in the elevator. Help!
@robertallenCO: At Larimer courthouse.
@robertallenCO: Felt a big drop and jolt. Been in here about 5 minutes. Pretty warm in here.
@robertallenCO: Just tried to pry open the door. Wouldn't budge
@robertallenCO: And that's Larimer Justice Center. Maybe floor 5
@robertallenCO: Going on 20 minutes now. Just heard a knock. Somebody is coming with tools
@robertallenCO: I see light through the crack
@robertallenCO: I see deputies
@robertallenCO: I'm free!

He was freed after Sheriff’s deputies pried the doors open. Thanks to 9 News for this scoop!