Nowadays, Nick at Nite plays more modern stuff. When I was a kid, it was all oldies TV, and I loved it!

Some shows were better than others, but if it weren't for Nick at Nite preserving our television heritage, I would never know that Car 54 was quirky, Patty Duke was hot, and Gilligan was Maynard G. Krebs before he was Gilligan!

This is the way that Nick at Nite started according to

On July 1st, 1985 a new block on Nickelodeon was made. It was called Nick At Nite. After being presented with over 200 episodes of The Donna Reed Show, (the programmers) thought of the idea of the "first oldies TV Network". In the beginning days of Nick At Nite the block showed shows such as The Donna Reed Show, Dennis The Menace, and Route 66. There were many other shows that would make their way on the block. In the beginning the shows were mainly classics from the 50's and 60's and a few from the 70's. As time went on they would add shows from the 80's. The current day Nick At Nite has shows from mainly the 90's. They have even recently added a few shows from the new millenium.

Here are my favorite shows from that classic Nick at Nite era!

Dobie Gillis

Car 54

Patty Duke

Did you have any shows that you got to know their second time around on Nick at Nite?