Man, I hate to be the guy who tells someone they shouldn't have put something on the internet. First, it's the internet. Shocking, ridiculous, pointless, crazy, and ludicrous are par for the course.

Also, I am not here to be the protector of anything. It's not like I go around looking for articles with information that is wrong so I can correct them. I'm not the self appointed fact checker for the internet.

When I saw Drew's article Do You Recycle Glass? Turns Out, You’re Wasting Your Time, and read it, I had to say something.

The basic gist is that since bottles aren't actually being turned back into other bottles, we can all just toss them in the trash that leads to the landfill.

Umm, that's a negative. As the first comment to this post pointed out...

The glass is being taken from recycling to be used for other good and useful purposes.

Keeping it out of the landfill keeps the size of the landfill down and that is the point of any 'cycling' whether it's -up, -re or if it's just being reused.

So throwing it in the trash because it isn't being made into exactly what you thought it was being made into is not the answer.

In his article, Drew refers to 'landfill layer covers', and somehow decides he doesn't like these. Well, these layers are now allowing many waste companies to fully secure the contents of years of landfill waste, keep the harmful runoff from our water table, and even seal them to the point that they can harvest methane gas and use it to power nearby neighborhoods, as Waste Management does with the trash that comes from Fort Collins and goes to the Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site. (DADS).

So the only problem I have with Drew's article is the spirit of "They aren't doing what I thought they were doing with it, so I'm now going to throw it in the trash."

Drew, you've been called out. What are you going to do now?

Here is a quick video from Waste Management's Materials Recovery Center.