About Your Host: D Dennison

D has been "playing" in the kitchen since she was knee high to a grass hopper. Her fondest childhood memories involve cooking with her mom and grandma. She can remember standing beside her grandma in the kitchen and asking a million questions. D once told her grandma that she was never going to cook chicken because it looked and felt gross when it is raw. Her grandma laughed telling her, "oh yes you will".

The greatest thing about food and cooking is the time shared with others. D loves the times she can recall with her mom and grandma. And the dishes they made for her as she was a child bring back so many great memories. She swears to this day, although she has been told she makes amazing fried chicken (one of her all time favorites) that her mother made the worlds best and hers doesn't even come close.

My mom used to tell me that cooking was simple, that too many people get too frustrated. As long as you cook with your heart, your food will be good. Cooking is common sense, Dede... (that's what mom called me)-D Dennison

Today, as D recalls her favorite dishes from her childhood from  fried chicken and pork chops in gravy with potatoes her mom made to the minestrone soup and chicken divan her grandma made she is reminded of the love that surrounded her. D has created such memories with her own children, Zachariah has a culinary degree and is an executive chef in northern Colorado and Natasha is a head chef.

Cooking is in her blood... D loves to cook and share her recipes. She loves to eat and most of all enjoys the memories that cooking brings to families. Whether its preparing the food together or sitting around the table enjoying the meal while talking about your day.

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