Nothing better than working a hard day and coming home to a meal in the crock pot.

perspicacious, flickr

My friends Dan and Holly were over for dinner the other night. I had put a pork loin in the crock pot with a cup of Italian dressing and it is surely yummy, but we had this joke going about it being chicken. Holly said no, "it's the other white meat". Well it turns out that they cook basically the same meal with chicken, so here goes.


Chicken, lol... do a mix of thighs and breasts about 6 total pieces. 1 cup of zesty Italian dressing. 3 potatoes and 3-5 carrots. Optional ingredient is a can of petite diced canned tomatoes


Layer the bottom of the crock pot with the potatoes and carrots (cubed/cut), place the chicken atop of the veggies and cover with the dressing, you can add a bit more if the liquid doesn't come up to about half of the chicken pieces (which is preferred) set the crock pot on low and go to work (going to work is also optional, this is good for lazy Sunday's too) When get home or decide its just about time to eat, try to do this half an hour prior to eating, if you are adding the tomatoes do so now. Enjoy!