After great reviews (and not just about his stomach) for Mathew McConaughey in The Lincoln Lawyer, the question is raised: Are you ready for more?  Seems the women that I know- their answer is always- "Always!"

MORE is store for you this year from Mr. McConaughey:

Soon, he'll be starring in what could be a comedy or a thriller: "Bernie" with Jack Black and Shirley MacClaine- with those two in the cast it could be funny OR dark! The film will be about a small town Texas mortician who hides a rich widow's death from the community.

Then, look for another dark-sounding comedy, about a man who has to pay off his debt by taking out a hit on his evil mother: "Killer Joe".

Sounds fun?

However, there's no word on whether he takes off his shirt in either of these two movies.

Sorry ladies- you'll just have to go see them!