Ever worry about leaving your car in a garage and it being broken into? Well at Denver International Airport, increasing damage to vehicles is being caused each month by feasting rabbits.

All of you very well know that DIA is surrounded by miles and miles of prairie land which is home to thousands and thousands of little critters. Well, the rabbits in the vicinity of the airport are now finding warmth and food in the parking facilities at DIA.

" I see at least dozens every morning. They go hide under the cars, and the cars are warm," said Denver airport shuttle driver Michelle Anderson.

Airport officials are saying hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars are spent each month on damaged vehicles in the parking garages caused by rabbits mistaking the wires under the hood of a car for food.

It was stated the Wildlife Services in the Denver area are removing at least 100 rabbits each month, however the problem is still persisting.

So how are they solving the issue? Coyote urine.

Officials plan on adding more fencing as well as perches for hawks and eagles but more strangely, they also plan on using coyote urine. Urine works as a good deterrent for rabbits. People can buy it at any local hunting shop and spray it on their cars wires under the vehicle.