Whether you're a new dog owner or an old hat at raising these furry family members, there are some things that get overlooked as the weather warms up. Protecting your dog in the summer sounds simple enough, but here are some things to know.

Ashley and Sam Protect you Pets this Summer D Dennison

Summertime means going for walks, leaving your dog outside more often or just being outside more. There are a few things to remember when the temperatures and activities rise to keep your pet safe from the sun and other elements.


  • Dogs can get sunburned, especially if they have a thin coat or are predominately white. You can actually apply SPF 15 or higher sunscreen on your dog to help protect him. Don't forget his nose and tips of his ears
  • Just like you he needs to be protected from getting overheated, make sure that there is enough shade for him to lounge in if he spends a lot of time outside. During walks, especially long walks, bring some water to help keep his temperature under control. Dogs can suffer from excessive heat exposure in much shorter times than you'd think, causing permanent damage or death in some cases
  • Keep your dog from grazing on plant life along trails as many are toxic and can cause a multitude of health problems
  • Watch for signs that your dog is overheated and in discomfort. These signs include sluggishness, excessive panting, unresponsiveness and dizziness
  • It's best to walk him in the morning when its cooler, a good rule of thumb is if your hot, he's hot and to test the ground, take your shoes off, if the ground is hot to you, guess what, its hot to him.
  • And remember when taking those camping trips in the woods or day trips to the river, check him for ticks. Ticks can carry diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease

A lot of protecting your dog in the summer is common sense, but sometimes in the hustle of activities its easy to forget. Have a great summer with your dog and stay safe.