According to CBS Denver, USA Liberty Arms has a contract to buy a plot of land in the 2534 development. Their planned compound would be just north of a residential neighborhood where they would like to build a 100,000 square foot facility that would sell guns, operate five indoor firing ranges and house a restaurant.

A lot of gun rights proponents are ecstatic about the new firing range, a lot of anti-gun people are not happy about it. I'm pretty sure those two sides will never agree on whether or not a new gun range is a good idea. But I'm more interested in what the homeowners in the area think. Some parents in the neighborhood by the proposed site are worried about all the extra traffic and about their kids walking to school while dozens of  adults are arriving to the same area with weapons.

You can get more on the story from the Denver Channel Video below, but what are your thoughts? I don't think this a necessarily a "gun rights" issue, just a neighborhood planning issue. Put yourself in these homeowners positions. How would you feel if the biggest gun shop/shooting range in the state opened up right next to where you live?

I'm not saying there is a right or a wrong answer here, I'm just curios what you think.

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