Recently, I heard it pronounced “Estees Park” and I all but freaked out.

Estes Park. How do you say it?

Doug Pensinger, Getty Images

The gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park is a beautiful town and area. The town sees tens of thousands of visitors each year (probably even more so this summer, with folks coming up to see the rebuilding after the floods of 2013). Many visitors are from Colorado; many are from out of state.

I was hanging out with friends recently, and a friend of friend was talking about Estes and he pronounced it:  “Estees” Park. I was floored. All I could think to myself was: “This is a man who lives in the state; he hikes; he bikes; he LIVES the Colorado lifestyle. “ How can he be pronouncing it wrong?”

’Estiss’ to me, is the correct pronunciation for Estes. Always has been, always will be.  Where does someone even come up with ‘EES’ pronunciation?  I’ve heard it that way a couple of times- locally! It would be like someone saying ‘Hey, let’s pull over in ‘LoveLAND’.  I shudder!

So, join me in my campaign:  “Estes: Say It Right, and You Can Stay!”