Picture this… You are sitting in a bar on The Hill in Boulder having a beer and maybe some pizza when all of a sudden the doors are locked and the men in suits with dark sunglasses come in and used security wands on everyone, doing a security sweep. Are you thinking bomb? Terrorist attack? The end of the world? Nope, it’s just President Obama. He was in town and hungry too, so he was stopping into the Sink restaurant for a pizza. 

The president was in Boulder to speak at the University of Colorado about student loans. But before the speech, the president needed to eat!

At about 5:30 Chris Heinritz, the owner of The Sink, got a call from the Secret Service. After the security sweep the president came in. For twenty minutes the president shook everyone in the restaurants hand, took pictures, was very gracious.

President Obama ordered a “Sinkza” – a pepperoni, sausage, green pepper, black olive and onion pizza, and left with it to go. But not before a woman accidentally spilled yogurt on Obama and a Secret Service agent, much to her embarrassment.

During his speech at the Coors Events Center on the CU campus, Obama talked about his trip to The Sink and the yogurt spill. He even mentioned some Sink trivia: Robert Redford worked there in the 50s when he went to CU on a baseball scholarship.

Obama’s speech at CU…