Getty-Alex Wong

Two statesmen spent some quality time over a game of billiards.

President Obama and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper may have spent more time at the pool table than they would have liked. At first, everyone must have thought they were both pretty bad pool players. Hey, after some breaks, there is just nothing open, right?

Both men missed shot after shot, jovially joking about their lack of skills, and lack of open shots.

But soon, Obama built some momentum, sinking a couple shots. Another patron offered to buy him a beer. "It's too late man. I just got one," Obama said. "I'll come shake your hand."

Obama took only a couple sips of beer in the presence of the pool, and an appetizer delivered by a waiter sat untouched.

As the pool started to leave, Obama suddenly got hot, sinking multiple shots and winning the game. "Did you record that?" Obama asked the pool.

"I take a little longer to warm up," Hickenlooper said.

Obama asked the pool to take note of how many balls Hickenlooper still had on the table. "Five," he said. "Five."

With that, the pool was ushered out. At 8:42 p.m., the motorcade rolled on, and that was just about the end of President Obama's day in Denver.

Source - White House Press Release - Colleen McCain Nelson - Wall Street Journal