I'm not sure what exactly I would do, but there are some places where I draw the line.

In the video above, if something like that happened to me, I would deal with it by screaming like an 8 year old girl, or whatever my reaction may be during the horrifying moment, then afterward I would calmly call the police and press some type of charges. I'm not kidding. I think there could be some type of threatening, menacing, or assault charges that would stick because of this.

It's interesting how much these kinds of videos actually bother me.

This one, I would be surprised if their weren't criminal and civil penalties that they could have to pay.

I think that overly litigious people who sue for no reason are part of the bane of modern existence. These situations, however, and different from the coffee being too hot. There is every reason to be horrified for our lives if we see what looks like a bomb going off outside what we believe is a window.

I actually doubt the reality of the one with the bomb in it.

What would you do?