I say it on the air all the time: reporting fatal traffic accidents is one of my least favorite parts of my job.

I just read a story in the Coloradoan about a young man being killed after the truck he was riding in slipped on ice and ran off the road:

The 25-year-old was riding northbound on U.S. Interstate 25 toward Wyoming around 6 a.m. Sunday when the truck drifted off the right side of the road near mile marker 285 and rolled at least two times. The man was not wearing a seatbelt, according to Colorado State Patrol and was ejected from the vehicle. He died on scene.

Police are saying the car was probably speeding on the icy highway, and that was a major factor in the accident.

I don't know why this hit me so hard today.  Maybe I'm still reeling from last weeks tragedy in Connecticut.  But I just need to take a moment to plead with you: please wear a seatbelt, please be mindful of road conditions, and please drive responsibly!

I hope you have a great (and safe) day!