I've never been one to get my co-workers gifts very often and I have a certain degree of guilt about that. A couple of years ago I got my partner, Susan a mug with a picture of an Arabian horse on it.

I liked giving that because of Susan's passion for her horses. 22% percent of workers say they plan to buy holiday gifts for co-workers this year, with the same amount planning to buy their boss something. The majority of workers, 79%, say they plan to spend $25 or less for each holiday gift they buy for the office.

I recently was reading about unusual gifts that workers have reported getting from co-workers. Here's a few of them:

A zombie figurine
A keychain that shouts expletives
Bacon of the month club
A ceramic snake
A clock that meows three times on the hour
A hand-painted landscape on a toilet seat
A glass high-heel shoe filled with dish soap
Mustache scissors
A whip
A 12-pack of cola

Here's the discussion Michael & Susan had on the air:

What's the strangest, most unique gift you've received ?