Now I must adimit that I have not followed "American Idol" this season, so I probably have no business talking about it, but I am going to anyway. As I made my daily rounds to see what my friends were up to on Facebook, there seemed to be a general theme among my female friends. They all love this contestant on "Idol" named Phillip Phillips. So I decided to investigate.

Phillip Phillips, 21, hails from Leesburg, Georgia, and he seems to be wowing both the audience and the judges with his ability to completely twist a song around to suit his purposes. Last night, it was Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight. In his hands, it sounds like a completely different song, emphasizing different lines, but it's still simple and direct, exactly the sort of thing that connects with an audience. And, in this case, impressed them too.

"You've got a crazy kind of voice," says Steven. He's impressed by the notes he chooses to hang his hat on. He seems as impressed with Phillip as he has been with any singer tonight. Randy offered the night's first negativity: He's not sure about the way Phillip reharmonized the melody, he wishes he had done more with it. But Phillip reminds him of Dave Matthews.