This week's visit to Larimer Humane Society was full of animal adventure as always and so much fun.

Ares has been at the shelter since before Christmas. He's not yet two years old and despite his over the top energy, he is a bit timid. He's a cross between a German Sheperd and a Boxer so he's beautiful and bright. Our take on Ares is that he'll need a patient person who is willing to teach the pup everything.

Phatkat is a senior cat and a big boy who is very easy going. No matter how you spell it he could use a diet and fitness program. As you can see in the video he's sweet, sweet, sweet.

AND Thumper the rabbit is almost 5. He came to the shelter with his friend Bambi who is another rabbit. They're an almost matched set full of bunny antics...

Thank you, Madi - behind the camera - and Jason at Larimer Humane Society for letting us come play.