This week's visit to Larimer Humane Society was full of animal adventure as always and so much fun.

MJ is a senior and a total lady. She is an owner surrender and has obviously had a lovely life.  She's beautiful as you can see in our little video, she's curious and seems to like little hiding places where she can still watch the action. She didn't particularly like being picked up or held but that could change as she warms up to a new bestie.

Sammy is a tiny guy...about the size of MJ and all Chihuahua. He's a stray and 6-years old. He really enjoyed being the center of our adoration and resisted getting his leash back on to leave us. Sammy likes company and calling the shots. He's quite amusing.

Thank you, Madi - behind the camera - and Jason at Larimer Humane Society for letting us come play.