Our pick today comes from, of course, commercials aired during the Super Bowl. It was a pretty good crop, but the Samsung commercial stood out because, while I am a fan and user of Apple products, the spot captured some real emotions. First, the potential negative emotions of impatience, even though those waits in line are not necessary. The people who do that are not doing it because they have to, they are doing it because they want to. All of them know that they could simply wait one more day (or two) at home and walk in and buy the newest iWhatever without a huge wait in line. Still, they conveyed that idea exceedingly well. Next, the use of the Darkness I Believe in a Thing Called Love was brilliant, because it is such a great song and is perfect for the message. Overall the commercial painted the product as the answer to any and all problems a consumer could ever face. It was my favorite commercial from yesterday's game.