I developed an almost unhealthy obsession with the Beatles during (and after) college.

It started with the music. Like so many other millions, I just couldn't believe how good it sounded, how perfectly their voices blended, how they pushed pop sensibility to new realms without trying to do too much.

What blogging consultants and on air gurus tell us to do in this day and age was also the winning formula back in the Beatles heyday. Personality content rules. That's what the Beatles had--a combination of the best personalities and the best content. Their music was head and shoulders above the rest. Their personae may have been bigger than the music.

Paul was keystone. I could just look at him forever. He was so cute and had such a great voice. He may have been the most pleasing star I had ever seen to that point. And to this point. He (and Michael Jackson all the way up to Thriller) were just perfect.

We want to send you to the amazing Salt Lake City to see Sir Paul in concert, so I thought I'd share with you my 3 favorite Paul McCartney moments.


This song doesn't get a lot of discussion or play, but I just find the melody and singing to be so easy to listen to. The other three harmonizing in the back certainly helps. George's guitar solo, when it arrives, occupies the perfect amount of space. Ringo sticks with the 'less is more' philosophy on the drums. This song is a great vehicle to highlight the incredible quality of Paul's middle range.

A Hard Day's Night - The Movie

I wasn't born until four years after the Beatles broke up. I remember being bummed about that as a little kid. When I want to go back and capture what it must have been like to be alive when Beatlemania and the British Invasion hit America, I watch A Hard Day's Night.

Maybe I'm Amazed

There aren't many post Beatle songs from former Beatles that can spark that visceral feeling of love in my soul that the Fab Four's music so often did. However, Maybe I'm Amazed takes me right there. (Woman, by John Lennon, does it for me, as does George Harrison's Got My Mind Set On You.)

I think that the song, like other hits from the other guys that made it big, sounds like it could have been a Beatles recording. The guitar solo's solid why-didn't-I-think-of-that melody, the title that lends itself to being made into a movie, the sentimentality all smack of Paul's former group. I think that in this song, Paul was able to find the groove where he can blow it out of the water, as a superstar of his stellar stature is wont to do. Wanna see him in Salt Lake City?