There I was, marveling over how beautiful Colorado flagstone is.

The day could hardly have been more enjoyable. I had a great show in the morning. I had just put some finishing touches on a piece I am writing. With my work responsibilities handled, I really dug in on my patio. The clouds shaded me from the hot midday sun. A light rain started to fall when a small speck of gray and black entered my red and tan colored area.

What is that? At first, I'm not kidding, I thought it might be a baby mouse.

It's not the biggest spider I've seen in Colorado. Playing on the Poudre River, I've seen wolf spiders as big as my hand. Somehow, it's a different experience when I see huge spiders that aren't at my house.

This little lady (I always think spiders are female, thank you E.B. White) wasn't like those big, thin wolfies. She was squat, fat, and dense. Frankly, she seemed a bit groggy. For a creature with 8 legs, she sure was having trouble motoring across the sand that makes the base for my new patio.

So, I shot a couple photos, propped her on a little rock and moved her out of the work area.

Then I searched for a way find out what type of arachnid she might be.

I found the website and submitted my photo to see if they can help me out.

I'll let you know what I hear. Personally, I think that they are going to tell me that this spider is a sign of happiness, contentment and abundance.

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