I have had great success with resolutions and goal setting in the recent past. My thing is that I don't worry about the 'how' and just concentrate on the 'what'. When I worry about how I am going to accomplish my goals, the perceived difficulty of it can become discouraging and can lessen my enthusiasm for the follow through.

I don't care how I do it, I am just going to do it!

Here are my New Year's resolutions for 2013

1. Allow

I think that half the time I don't have something that I want, whether it's a physical thing, an aspect of a relationship, or spiritual connection, it is because I am blocking it. My main resolution this year is to allow all the wonderful things in the Universe that are right in front of me.

2. Find a Flow State

I am doing more than ever before. Sometimes I have to force myself to finish that blog, follow up with that contact, or write that story. This year, I will find the easiest path to accomplishing the things that must be done. I will do them well and with passion and joy.

3. #1

I want my morning show to be #1 in the market. We are and have been #1 in the past in certain categories. I want that number of categories to increase and I would like to be #1 in the most general one--Persons 12+

4. Play more

And I already play quite a bit. I am not one that believes that the fun stops at adulthood, and I am going to continue to think that way. It is a very special thing that I am able to enjoy existence here on the Earth, and I am NOT going to spend my entire life working. 2013 is going to be fun!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?