I'm pretty much a total tech geek. I was doing a gig a few weeks ago, and a guy came up to my desk and grabbed that little orange hard drive that you see in the photo above and asked "This thing holds all your music?"

Yep, my 500 gig hard drive is USB powered and it just a bit bigger than my wallet. 500 gigs is big enough for about 100,000 songs. Amazing. I never hauled records, CD's or anything really, besides hard drives, because I just started doing mobile gigs in 2009. I don't feel like I missed anything.

I love anything that makes my life easier, so I am excited about iRig Mix from IK Multimedia. I have their iRig Mic, and it has made my life so much easier. Whenever you hear me tag an Ehrlich commercial, chances are it I did it at home on my iRig Mic, and that's something that wasn't possible for me just a few years ago.

The Mix (which I haven't tried yet, but ships today), will make it so I can plug my iPhone and iPad into it and DJ with those. Life in 2012 is good and getting better!