Besides the really important stuff, like freedom of speech, voting, freedom of the press, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, my favorite thing about America is the fact that we can enjoy every type of climate, geography, landscape and people within our borders.

Paul and Sarah in the marshes of Hilton Head, South Carolina

We have access to the biggest cities, and the most remote country one can imagine. We can stand on some of the world's tallest mountains, and just a few hours away is the one lowest inland points in Death Valley. Temperatures range from as cold as they can be to as hot as they can be without ever crossing a national border or going through customs.

Any type of climate is accessible by driving or flying

I realize as I write this very sentence from a patio overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina. It couldn't be more different from my beloved Colorado, and that is what I love about it.

The high plains of Colorado


We can go from 12,000 feet to sea level in a day