What talent.

It wasn't just talent. It was honed ability. He was an artist that allowed the forces of creativity to flow through him seamlessly, to the point where I could barely believe how he could hop from one voice to another with such ease.

He was a stand up genius, an actor of widely diverse range, a supporter of great causes, and a man's whose life and sad death leave me wondering about many things.

I don't need the answer to all the questions it raises. Like other parts of this mystifying existence, I'm going to look at the best parts, and leave the rest to be figured out later.

Here are my favorites from Robin Williams.


  • 1

    Mork and Mindy

    Where should an alien living amidst humans go? Boulder, of course.

  • 2

    Good Morning, Vietnam

    In this movie he showed the power of the DJ. It makes me feel like I can achieve something from my studio chair. It also let me know that since I don't have the ability to switch voices and be an entertainingly flamboyant nut job like him, I shouldn't. Oh, I wish I could. But that job belongs to him.

  • 3

    Weapons of Self Destruction

    This stand up performance may have caught younger fans of Williams, who may not have known that he made his name on stage with a microphone in the 70's, off guard. He did a lot of movies without curse words and off color subjects, and then, this. Brilliant, fearless, dirty, gritty, and real. Loved it. It was amazing to see him back on stage.

  • 4

    Good Will Hunting, pt. 1

    In this clip, I not only believed he would end Will Hunting if he wanted to, he scared me in the process. Since I knew him as the lighthearted Mork, the aforementioned ultimate disk jockey, and Mrs. Doubtfire, I was shocked to see the switch flick to a guy who I believed would be able to beat Matt Damon's tough Southy characters ass with no problems.

  • 5

    Good Will Hunting, pt. 2

    And then, vulnerability. Experience. Understanding. The writing of Matt Damon is brilliant. But Robin Williams brought the reason why he was the only one in that movie that could breach the impassable wall of Will Hunting. Without Williams performance, Good Will Hunting could have seemed like an ego piece from Matt Damon. Because of him, it deserved every accolade it received.