I am a big fan of the Earth. The way I see it, our lives would be much less fulfilling without it.

I also love to write and make music, so I combined my two passions and created the Green Radventures series. Through it, we celebrate the incredible Earth and teach love and respect for it along the way.

However, this is not a preachy, do this, don't do that kind deal. Our stories have action and adventure and the lessons find their way in there organically.

For a short time, we are offering our ebook Stranded in a Snowstorm totally free of charge for your Kindle reader. That includes pretty much any device that can hold a free Kindle app, which is pretty much all of them.

This story is geared toward advanced readers in 10-12 age range, and is perfect for anyone who loves the Colorado outdoors.

Here is how the story starts.

Nico’s mother was watching the news a few hours after she sent him on a late spring backpacking trip with his babysitter Hannah. “This just in,” said the reporter, “a blizzard of epic proportions is set to smother the entire region. The area will be covered in snow by tomorrow morning. Police are asking that people not travel if it is not absolutely necessary.”

Snow in May? Nico’s mom ran for her phone. She frantically dialed Hannah. Voice mail. They had boasted of a ‘technology free trip’ so she wouldn’t be able to warn them. They were gone.

Enjoy this free ebook from June 12-16, 2013, and thanks for your support!