I am thin.

People see this and sometimes assume that I have a perfect diet. You should see the reaction of my coworkers whenever they walk into the studio and see me eating a donut.

"What's that? I thought you only ate granola or something that you sprouted on the windowsill!"

Well, after tracking what I eat with my nutritionist from Miramont Lifestyle Fitness and the Dare to Lose program, and more importantly, when I eat it, I found that my diet is actually not that great.

What I eat is mostly fine. It's the amount of food, and when I eat it that is the problem.

The schedule of a morning show host is insane. I get up at about 3:30am. At that point, I don't feel hungry, and when I get into the studio and start drinking coffee, the adrenaline of being live on the air replaces my apparent need for food.

As is shown in this graphic, on March 28, I wasn't even close to eating all the calories that I should be eating each day. On this day, I came up 1,200 calories short. That happens regularly.

While the Dare to Lose program was designed for those who wanted to lose weight, it just goes to show that there are all types of people with all types of diet deficiencies. My issues are nothing like theirs, but I still have to make changes to achieve optimum health.

I can literally make it 7 hours on 200 calories. That's not enough fuel to do much of anything. Since the calories that I do take in are free from high fructose corn syrup, excessive amounts of refined sugars or other modern crap that causes America to have one of the best fed yet unhealthy populations on the planet, my body functions at a high level, yet I am still not giving it what it needs to thrive.

Here is a part of my consultation with my nutritionist from Miramont Lifestyle Fitness.