People eat my brisket like it's going out of style.

It isn't. The ease of preparation and delicious taste make it a timeless classic.

Less is definitely more when it comes to the flavor of my brisket.

Here's the recipe.

1 beef brisket (buy enough for almost a pound per person)
Garlic, whole clove
2 onions
1-2 packets onion soup

Trim the fat off the brisket. There should be some fat, but not as much as is on it. Place meat in baking pan with the fat side exposed. Add sliced onions, chopped garlic, and onion soup. Cover 2/3 of the brisket with water, and make sure the onion soup blends with the water.

Cook at 285 to desired taste. Pretty much any brisket you get will need at least 3 hours. The last one we cooked (in the video) was 6 1/2 pounds, and I cooked it for 4 1/2 hours.

Test it with a fork

After a few hours, stick a fork in the middle and start to twist it. If you can pull a piece of meat out fairly easily, it's about done. If the meat hangs on and you twist the fork all the way around without the meat releasing from the brisket, give it more time.

There's a fine line between fully cooked and overcooked and with a piece of meat this large, it can be difficult to judge. Though it may fall apart more easily after a longer period of time, it may start to dry out as well. I like to eat it when the 'fork test' just starts to make it fall apart. For the 6 pound brisket, this was right at about 4 1/2 hours. Smaller briskets may take a bit less time. After 3 hours of cooking, I'll check it every 1/2 hour to get it perfect.