St. Patrick's Day is best celebrated with a plate of delicious corned beef and cabbage.


1 corned beef brisket (I don't corn my own, I buy it from someone who already has, it will say on the package)
1 onion
6 red potatoes
1 packet dried onion soup
1 beef or chicken bouillon cube
2-5 cups water (fill so it covers the bottom and partially submerges the brisket)

Trim fat from brisket (if needed). Place it in the pan with the fat side up. Add spice packet if it came with the brisket. Chop potatoes and onions and add to pot. Mix onion soup in 2 cups water and add. Cover and bake at 285° until done (cooking time depends on size of roast, we had a 4 pound roast and I cooked it for almost 6 hours).

Did you hear about my corned beef and cabbage innovation? I made a sort of thatched roof of cabbage on top of the whole dish to keep moisture in, and I think it worked well. Check that out, along with my amazing white sauce, below.