Since I grew up with music videos on MTV, I grew up with Weird Al. And I love him. Here are my all time favs, with brand new tracks making the list!

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    Parody of 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams

    Al is the king of not overthinking things. With what does the title rhyme? Or sort of rhyme. Tacky? Great. Fill in the blanks.

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    Weird Al Yankovic

    Parody of 'Royals' by Lorde

    Whenever there is a really deep message in a song, we can count on Al to turn it into something that couldn't matter any less. Foil? Who cares? I do. Because it's funny.

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    Eat It

    Weird Al Yankovic

    Parody of 'Beat it' by Michael Jackson

    I listened to Michael as much as one could when I was a kid. When it was time for something else, I was glad there was Weird Al, that sounded enough like Michael for me to get my fix and crack up at the same time.

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    Smells Like Nirvana

    Weird Al Yankovic

    Parody of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana

    A tip of the hat to the fact that they could have been saying anything. Jalapeno? A mulatto? La-dee-da-ya. Who knows what the heck they were saying, but I know what Al was saying, and it is funny!

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    Weird Al Yankovic

    Parody of 'Bad' by Michael Jackson

    Another Michael song, another parody about food? Like I said, Weird Al keeps it simple. Plus, the similarities between 'Beat It' and 'Bad' are there, so it stands to reason that the parodies would be similar.