If I can buy something here in Northern Colorado, I generally do. I love to shop, whether it here in reality, or in cyberspace.

Here are my 5 favorite places to shop online.

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor.com is not a traditional online shopping experience. It's more like I shop the reviews for when I am going to take a big trip, and book accordingly.

The reviews made a huge difference for past trips to Mexico, and have played a big role in the trip we are taking in December to Jamaica.

If I read about the same bad thing (example - bad service, dirty rooms, dangerous, etc) in more than 3 reviews, for me, it means it is a reality. I look for more than 3, because reviews can be posted by anyone, including haters, so some of them have to be taken with a grain of salt.

I treat the good reviews the same way. If 3 people say the food is good, I start to believe it. The same goes for any aspect of the stay.

I love Trip Advisor, and I combine that with my actual local travel agent when booking bigger trips.


Amazon continues to blow my mind. My latest purchase? This slick, new, multi-pocket carrying case for my laptop.

I love Amazon because they remember all the different addresses to which I ship, they have the world of selection, and they are where I am. Bam.


Zappos.com is another favorite. My wife and I will sometimes each have our laptops and instant messenger open, and we send links back and forth to each other.

What do you think of these? http://www.zappos.com/born-jill-crown-collection-rame-gold-metallic?zfcTest=fcl%3A0

Ooh, cute!

How about these? http://www.zappos.com/born-farrah-crown-collection-bluette-blue-patent?zlfid=191&reftag=pd_sims_sdp_1&zfcTest=fcl%3A0

Tods adorbs, no?


I signed up for iTunes in 2009. Since then I have made over 760 purchases. Most of them at $1.29. Thankfully, because I am a DJ, almost all of them are write-offs.

Notable tunes I've wanted to buy on iTunes that just aren't there?

Dr. Dre

Garth Brooks

Pete Townshend.

Norah Jones - Love me Tender

Almost everything else is there, and I absolutely love audiobooks, though they are VERY expensive.


Buying used is a great way to save money. It brings you gear that works just as good as new stuff for almost half the price. Whether it's skis, motorcycles, or electronics, somebody wants to get rid of the thing you want.

Term searching can help you find what you need. That's how I found the exact snowboard I wanted, and I simply had to search 'used Lib Tech T. Rice Colorado' to find it.

I shop craigslist out of sheer curiosity sometimes. It is totally fun!


What are your favorite places to shop online?