These photos are mountaintastic.

They're golfalicious, powderific and sunset sensational. They're filled with my cute orange dog, my angelic blonde wife, TRI 102.5, and all the other amazing things I'm blessed enough to fill my life with.

This album contains every photo from my Instagram feed (please follow me!) from the beginning of 2014 to today.

It's been a really good year.

Moab, UT

There is no darkness in my feed. To me, social media is a place to celebrate! I use it to capture moments along the way, and hopefully, to lift people up with images of beauty and special times.

Looking back, I notice a great lack of my Pittsburgh family in these shots. I didn't expect this post to be a catalyst for change for me, but as I write it, I can see that it is a great way to look back on my year, strengthen practices that led to awesomeness, and change things that are lacking.

Thank you, Instagram. You are changing the world by giving us a new, amazing way to look at it.