The students at Severance Middle School recently did Teacher Tuesday a favor.

The persuasive writing and speaking class sent us numerous entries about their favorite teachers. Usually we get individuals writing on their own, so when I saw a collective effort, I thought it might be a good idea to expand on the idea myself. 

During a normal Teacher Tuesday presentation, I pick a teacher from the pile of entries. It's entirely up to me which one I pick, so I just look for a good story. I can tell by the tone of the letter when a student is really enamored with their teacher. Then, I go to the school, and with the help of the principal, surprise the teacher by bursting into their classroom. The nomination letter is read, prizes awarded, applause heard, tears shed. It's a great experience.

This time, we had the students present their nomination letters, and I chatted with them afterward in front of the crowd afterward.

They did a great job. We heard from 3 students. Then I gave them a few presentation tips of my own.

We moved to Q and A, and they asked me which celebrities I met (not many), what my favorite part of my job is (making you smile), and how I got my job (ambition, curiosity, and persistence).

A big thanks to Severance Middle School for having me out yesterday.