Updated on Sunday April 27, 2014 - I have given away 4,480 apps since April 20.

Since our apps teach simple lessons of green living and sustainability, Earth Day and the rest of the week around it has been huge. I was happy on Saturday when I saw we'd topped 2,500 (see content below). On Sunday I saw that we'd almost reached 5,000, and the giveaway lasts through Monday.

[The content below is from the original posting on Saturday, April 26, 2014.]

I was blown away when I saw we had given away over 2,500 apps during Earth Week!

So exciting! Due to the beauty of the internet, my creations are making it to people all over the world.

I was involved with the hotly trending FoCoMX and they helped give me a push by adding a show for me, and putting me on their website. That was really perfect timing, and it was great to see many of the people in the community that have helped shape my thinking toward the health of our planet, and what I should be doing about it. Fort Collins is such a mix of creative types who have great compassion and love for the Earth, and my books, book apps and songs have been inspired right in this town.

Seeing the apps move during FoCoMX week and Earth week was picture perfect.

Plus, there is often a spike when we take the app from costing $.99 to free. That seems to be because there are sites that do nothing but promote free apps. They have lists, and they send out notifications to their lists when things go from paid to free.

Hey, free apps are the gift that can keep on giving. So, if you want my app, please feel free to download it through April 28, 2014, and thanks so much to those of you who have enjoyed it already!