First I should mention that tomorrow (Saturday, March 1, 2014) is Free Workout Day at all Miramont locations. They are doing that to celebrate the start of the Dare to Lose Challenge, and I am so pleased to be a part of it.

Since I am part of it, I went to in for my intake consultation.

At the beginning of a membership at higher quality fitness facilities, they'll usually do some sort of intake consultation.

They may weigh you, take some measurements, ask some questions, query goals, perhaps do a tour and maybe a few other things to make sure that we are safe and sound and understand how to use everything the club has to offer.

It's a great perk to take advantage of, because I am always surprised by some of my results and also by things that these places offer, that, had I not had the conversation, I would never have known.

As a team member in this year's Dare to Lose competition, my intake consultation at Miramont went pretty well. I scored high in some things, very poor in others.

Here is the full assessment. I'll put some highlights below.

The Good

I tested well in strength, cardiovascular health, and I have a very calm demeanor. I did 80 pushups (1/2 pushups, really), didn't have a very elevated heart rate after my 3 minute step test and my resting heart rate is 46 beats per minute.

The Bad

I'm about as flexible as a golf tee. I've met train tracks that bend more easily than me. As you can see, I registered in the 'Poor' range on my ability to reach for my toes. This is something I am going to really work on.

The Ugly

My blood pressure was very slightly high. I don't have an annual checkup, but I remember this being a thing from time to time in the past. I was wondering out loud why it would be a bit high, and Aaron, the trainer, asked "Salt?" Hmmm. I had just eaten Chinese fast food. Not like, from a nice Chinese restaurant, but one of those zip and goes. I had it for lunch. And dinner the night before. I'll be interested to have it read again after a few days of a cleaned up diet. Anyway, that was high.

So What Was My Body Age?

I'm 39 actual years old. According to Miramont, I am 32 physical years old and I could be like I'm 28 physical years old with a bit of work.

Personally, I think it's a bit high. I believe I'm working with the body of a 30 year old, with the possibility of getting it down to like a 25 year old. I'm excited about that, because it means that if I do, I still may be able to ski in the Olympics. :)