We had a feng shui expert come in and assess our old home to see if it was supporting us in happiness and success. Turns out, the way we had it set up and staged, it was not supporting us.

When our expert walked into the house, we could tell that she was going to make us change a lot.

And we did.

Anything dead, like dried flowers, dried grasses, and things made of wood? Gone.

Totem faces made of wood that I got in some yard sale? Gone.

Old art that was dark in nature. Gone.

This is the rough handwritten feng shui reading for our new home. The house is divided into sections, and the sections are analyzed for the type of energy they contain.

After we analyzed the reading, we started rearranging. Excess clutter had to go. The way she described it, energy moves everywhere all the time. Anything on the floor prevents that movement and lessens our prosperity and happiness.

So, things that were on the floor for no reason? Gone.

The huge easy chair that was so comfortable that I slept in it all the time? Too big for the room. Gone.

Old promotional glasses with beer logos on them? Since I no longer drink...gone!

In place of wood she wanted us to find art that incorporated metal and the colors red and yellow.

Terha does feng shui with Paul's wife Sarah looking on

We had a small house, so she told us to buy a piece of art or a photo that looks far into the distance to give us the feeling of more space.

I took a carload of stuff to the thrift store that day, and said goodbye to many items that had been with me since college.

I have to say, it felt SOOOOO good! Our house had more space and immediately just felt better.

Then, things happened at work that allowed me to get a promotion and a big raise.

Coincidence? You tell me.