Rumor has it that Gerard Butler will portray the Patrick Swayze character in the remake of Point Break. Good choice, but let's be honest: Point Break had such 'moment in time' perfection, that I don't think it will ever be redone any better than the original. At least it's safe to say that it's too soon. Much too soon.

Part of the reason is because Patrick Swayze is still a big part of our collective movie going subconscious. He's there, and my generation will never be able to erase him. Thank God for that.

Here are Patrick's 5 finest tough guy performances

Youngblood - 1986

In this hockey-tastic tale of the junior leagues, Patrick Swayze plays mentor to Rob Lowe, teaching him the ropes, welcoming him into the fold and, yes, hazing him by shaving him, um, well, in an unmentionable place.

If you like hockey and cute guys, this one is for you.

Red Dawn - 1984

We'll get those commies yet. Couldn't they see that with a guy like Patrick Swayze on our side, there was no way that capitalism and the American Way could fail?

Point Break - 1991

If you want the ultimate, you gotta be willing to pay the ultimate price.

In this perfect piece of post 90's production, Patrick plays Bodhi. Short, one would guess for bodhisattva, or in buddhist tradition, one who who is capable of achieving enlightenment, but forgoes it in order to help others find the elusive state of nirvana.

And he can surf.

Dirty Dancing -1987

I know it's a movie about dancing, but the only reason Johnny Castle doesn't kick your ass is because he doesn't have to. He'll get the girl, bust a move and have beautiful, rich women stuffing diamonds in his pockets without even breaking a sweat. Plus, he's vulnerable. That's toughness.

The Outsiders - 1983

Swayze lovers just wish he wore that tight t-shirt in all his movies. Even surrounded by the best looking future members of the Brat Pack, Darrel Curtis was the best looking one. Okay, maybe Rob Lowe gave him a run, but that's all.

Roadhouse - 1989

Dalton. Just Dalton. "Be nice. Until it's time to not be nice." I don't want to be around when the caged, but considerate fury of Dalton is unleashed on any thugs who are hell bent on ruining the chances of the Double Deuce's success. Let their be peace in the road house!