MAX Construction is going to close a section of Spring Creek Trail for the earliest part of spring.

As our City prepares for one of the worlds' best rail transportation systems to arrive, a small section of Spring Creek Trail is going to close from April 22 to mid May. If the crews work from the past is any indication, it could open even earlier than that.

They will be extending the existing underpass at the railroad tracks west of College Avenue, as part of the construction of the MAX Bus Rapid Transit system.

Cyclists and pedestrians on the Spring Creek Trail will be directed to detour north onto Centre Avenue or Remington Street, and east or west to Lake or Pitkin Street, to reach destinations in the area or continue along the Spring Creek Trail (see map).  Cyclists will be able to access the southbound Mason Trail from eastbound Spring Creek Trail only.  There are no vehicular traffic impacts associated with this area of construction.

MAX is on the Way!

Construction of the MAX Bus Rapid Transit system will continue until early 2014, with MAX service beginning in May 2014.  MAX will offer passengers rail-like convenience at 12 stations and two transit centers between Downtown and Harmony Road, with service every 10 minutes and real-time bus arrival information at each station.  MAX will connect Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado State University, Midtown and south Fort Collins, providing many new economic redevelopment opportunities near station locations.

For more information, visit or call the MAX construction hotline at 970-416-2617.