Lily and I had been 'getting ready' to be in the Greeley Lights the Night Parade for a week.  By Saturday-parade day- my white Arabian horse had been shampooed, clipped, and groomed, she was as pretty as she could be.  We had practiced with our new saddle blanket, tack, parade drape, and breast collar.  I got on Lily in my chaps and duster and we  were all set.  In fact, I left Timnath at 3:00 for a 30 minute trip to Greeley.  We needed to be there by 4:30 so we had a little time to kill.

We pulled into the gas station in Severance to top off my gas tank and get a cup of coffee when I noticed one flat tire and another low tire on the horse trailer.  They had an air hose so I filled both tires and continued on...hoping they'd stay inflated.

When we got to downtown Greeley the hubbub made it tough to navigate a truck and trailer through the blocked off streets as we looked for Key Bank.  That was the staging area where we were to meet the rest of the Greeley Stampede Riders for the parade. After a half hour of detours I saw a familiar face and told him I was ready to cry.  He gave me directions to the bank parking lot and removed the orange traffic cone that had been dragging under Lily's horse trailer.

Once in the bank parking lot, Charley Barnes spotted my rig and witnessed me unload Lily, tie her to the trailer, then saw her rear up twice pulling back on the lead rope and halter.  He offered me a plate of food from his entry, the Sleigh Riders Motorcycle Toy Run, but I told him I would have to pass.

We hurriedly got all the regalia on and that included a string of lights going across her
breast collar. I got on her from the bumper of my truck with 4 minutes to spare. That's when everything became magical.

All 8 of us on horseback looked so pretty and then we turned on the lights on our ponies.

One of the first angelic faces I saw along the parade route was Zander's.  He was on his grampa's shoulders looking for ME and Lily.  Grampa Brian Gary and his family called to us and I think 3-year-old Zander was a little awe struck, as were so many little ones.