Looking for the best ways to enjoy the Fourth of July fun in the city of Fort Collins?

There are so many things to do, and we've posted all about it, so follow the informational links when needed. The big question on days like these is: How will we get there? There are so many ways!


There will be bikes locked to trees all over the place. Perfect! Bicycles are to Fort Collins as apple pie is to America! Ride it in!

MAX Rapid Transit

MAXis free all summer and that includes the Fourth of July. Hop on anywhere and be in Old Town in no time. From there it's a short walk to the parade route, and not much further for the fun in City Park.


It's just over a mile down Mountain Ave from the parking garage to City Park. Slightly more than that from the garage on Laporte. There are plenty of places around town with parking that are within a mile. And if you are within a mile, it will take you about 20 minutes to walk at an average pace.

The Trolley is not in service on the Fourth

The Fort Collins Municipal Railway trolley will be leading the parade, so it will not be carrying passengers on the morning of the Fourth of July. However, after the parade, the trolley will be taking passengers from noon to 5pm on the Fourth.

Skate, Rollerblade, Scoot

A skateboard doesn't seem like it will save much time as compared to walking, but any wheeled transportation is going to cut your travel time in half.


Parking is going to be tight. There is no doubt about that. The early bird might be watching the earlier birds take the parking spots.