Revelers in Fort Collins may have to alter their plans as one of the bars in Old Town has been shut down- if only temporarily- for liquor license violations.

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The Coloradoan is reporting today that Sports Exchange in Old Town Fort Collins has been shut down, pending a hearing on Wednesday, regarding misuse of their all-important liquor license.

I've been to Sports Exchange a few times- I like their premise- They price their beers according to a fluctuating 'market'-

"Holy cow- Sunshine Wheat is going for only $1.75 a pint?!" I have been known to utter on a Friday night.

The bar however, has had it's share of problems - the latest leading to another closure this past Friday (December 16th).

From The Coloradoan:

....the morning after police made the eight arrests and detentions at an 18-and-over night.

The bar is usually open only to people of legal drinking age.

EIGHT. That is a lot. It must have been mayhem that night.

According to the story, this will make the THIRD liquor violation within a 12-month span for the bar.

In February, they were caught in a sting serving a minor.

The second violation came after they were caught serving visibly intoxicated patrons.

In that second suspension, city officials warned that the bar would be closed for at least a further 30 days if it received any additional violations this year.

Next thing you know, it's an "18 and over" Thursday night. .. and another situation.

...police detained eight people who were either drinking underage or visibly intoxicated -- in a 43-minute span.

The closure order requires the bar to be shut for no more than 15 days or until a hearing can be held. That hearing is set for Wednesday. If found to have violated the liquor code, the bar would face new closure orders in addition to the 30 days held over from the last violation.

I was at Sports Exchange during the week of Thanksgiving this year- and saw a visibly drunk girl.  I did not see her get to that state, nor did the bartender serve her any more alcohol before she stumbled out and fell into the planter out on the sidewalk.  My story only highlights how some  college-aged girls like to get their drink on in Old Town.


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