Another midtown business in Fort Collins is closing, but also opening up the area for redevelopment.

The Office Depot at 3500 S. College Ave. is closing for good, in the midst of a very volatile time for businesses in midtown Fort Collins.

Apparently, the store could not come to a long-term lease agreement with the property owners of The Square, where the store is located.  The store is expected to close in November.

The Square, 3500 S. College Ave., is not affiliated with Foothills Mall and is not part of the $312 million renovation expected to get underway later this year. But (property owner Darrell Knudson) acknowledged there may be future redevelopment opportunities that spin off of activity at the mall.

[via The Coloradoan.]

I've been to that particular Office Depot several times; and while I always found what I needed, the area in general has always felt very dated to me.  I just hope all those employees can get transferred to the other location on Harmony Road.

How do you feel about all the recent upheaval in Midtown Fort Collins?