With our beautiful weather this week, it's almost a distant memory, that heavy, wet snow that fell on October 25th and 26th. Well it cost a lot to clean up. The City of Loveland released new information on how much the late October snowstorm cost the city Tuesday afternoon. Over $726,000 was spent in tree branch clean-up, power outages and overtime for city workers, according to the information. $430,000 of that was extra, non-typical expenses.

In Loveland, the City cleared fallen branches from streets, public right-of-ways and public properties.  Three sites were made available for citizens to drop off branches that fell on private property.  The City assumed the costs of disposing of those branches.

The $430,000 included City staff overtime plus the cost of private contractors hired to cut, mulch and haul hanging and fallen branches.  It does not include regular hours of City employees diverted from their normal duties for storm-related work or costs for use of city-owned equipment.  If those costs are included, the total is $726,000 with the power outage component totaling $402,000.