There were no signs, no more tents, no more activists at the corner of Jefferson/Maple and College Avenue in Fort Collins as of 8AM this morning. Occupy Fort Collins protesters have left the corner in Old Town. According to a post on the Occupy Fort Collins Facebook page, they want to make the site more portable so they can move it about in Fort Collins.

The local activists have occupied the corner in Old Town since October 10th, according to the Fort Collins Coloradoan. The group went on to say on their Facebook post that they plan to relocate in Fort Collins as soon as Tuesday morning and will also have office hours, which are yet to be determined.

The original protest site was vacant at 8 a.m. today.

The number of daily protesters has waned as the occupation enters its second month, although larger numbers still show up on weekends.

The group set up at the corner on Oct. 10, eventually bringing in tents and campers as the weather worsened. At times, dozens of people stood out with signs, flags and banners.