When I first saw then 10 year old Jackie Evancho perform on America's Got Talent last year, I could barely believe that the voice I was hearing was coming out of this tiny sensation. Now she is 11 has a new CD.

The CD is called "Dream With Me" and features 14 tracks along with a bonus DVD. She's making several appearances on QVC this week and you can hear her amazing voice. They've posted some videos here. (unfortunately they are not able to be posted on our site) But, I have grabbed a You Tube video from America's Got Talent and posted it below.

Ms. Evancho is also going to be performing a "Jackie Evancho: Dream With Me In Concert"  PBS Great Performances concert special with David Foster, it will air June 4th. There's a preview below.

This operatic powerhouse has an incredible future ahead of her and should be appreciated for her gentle grace and incredible voice.

You Tube

Watch the full episode. See more Great Performances.


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