Christmas time in Colorado: Sure, we're used to getting some snow; but the kind of cold we're expecting the next few days- we haven't seen in a LONG LONG LONG time!

Get the details- and a list of the items you'll want to check to make sure you're ready!

Getty Images; Mario Tama

Best advice for the upcoming weather pattern? Don't go licking any flag poles!

It is going to get C-O-L-D!  The 'Siberian Freeze' is on its way to Northern Colorado- this isn't a cute nickname- the temperatures are coming right from Siberia itself!

The higher elevations of Larimer County (6,000-9,000 ft) will be under a Winter Storm Warning Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon, with 9-25" of snow possible. The lower elevations will also be under a Winter Storm Warning within the same time-frame:

From the National Weather Service:


Also falling- the temps!! Monday saw highs into the upper-50's. Hope you enjoyed it, because it all ends as of Tuesday. Tuesday should start out OK, with temps in the 30's but that doesn't take into account the wind-chill; we'll see winds 20-30 miles an hour. By late Tuesday, the snow will begin to fall. Tuesday night's low is expected to be 14. Cold? Sure. But wait- it gets colder.

Wednesday, additional snow, with 6-14" total with the storm, and frigid temps. A high of ONLY 15 is in store for us Wednesday- and a low of.... -4 for that night!!  Check the thermostat!

Thursday, less snow, but the cold won't be letting up.  A high of only 10 is expected that day, and a low of -13!!  Thirteen below! That's not lucky for anybody!

The week wraps up on Friday with a high of 14 and a low (once again below zero0 of -7.

So, it's going to be a long stretch of absolutely frostbite weather. Here's some good advice on what to do Tuesday- BEFORE it all really takes hold:

  • Put gas in the car. Do it. The last thing you're going to want to do is get out of the car to put gas in it. Uggh.
  • Raise up your wipers at night:  Yes, it looks completely stupid. But if you raise them up, they won't be frozen to the windshield- that's a hassle and lessens the life-span of the wipers.
  • Stock up: Whether you're stocking up on hot cocoa, or stocking the car with some bottled water, extra clothes, a blanket, and jumper cables- you won't be sorry once you've done it. Jumper cables especially!!
  • Charge it:  DO NOT get out into the Siberian Freeze without a fully charged phone. A car charger is probably the best $10-$20 investment you can make right now.
  • Anti-Freeze Indeed: How are your levels? You probably don't know- find out!!

Some extra advice- try to stay upbeat. The cold-snap will pass (sooner or later) and being cranky about it.. just makes people want to stay away from you; trust us- you're going to need all the snuggle-buddies you can get!

Good Luck!!

[Source: Coloradoan]